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Premium E-juice!


We are a growing company straight out of Georgia! We travel around spreading our love of vape juice. We want to help each person have the opportunity to get off the tobacco sticks and on to the new hip electronic cigarettes. In our own personal lives, we have helped our own family and friends change from smoking over 2 packs a day to vaping on our delicious juices. They have more energy, can breathe better, and enjoy life more.

We take pride in the fact that all of our juices are handmade with lots of love. We only use natural and artificial ingredients with each juice mixture. You can choose any level of nicotine that you desire. Choices vary from level 0 to 24. We only use 50/50 PG&VG (Vegetable Glycerin & Propylene Glycol) mixture.

Here is an easy explanation of how the level choices work:

-Level 0 nicotine: Absolutely NO nicotine!

-Level 6 nicotine: Extra ultra-light strength

-Level 12 nicotine: Ultra-light strength

-Level 18 nicotine: Light strength

-Level 24 nicotine: Highest level strength of nicotine

Thank you for visiting our far-out website! We appreciate any feedback that you may have! We hope you enjoy our groovy flavors.



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